- the latest skin remodelling treatment

- delivers results in just 2 sessions, 4 weeks apart.



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+ A liquid facelift;

+ Plus nose mouth wrinkle with hyaluronic acid;

+ Plus marionette lines, with hyaluronic acid.

+ Plus 3 regions Botox.
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Before the treatment...
...and after!
Consult € 30. If you decide to proceed the 
treatment, then this amount is deducted
from the price of treatment.
After 4 treatments
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization
+ Clinically proven; Thousands procedures performed worldwide

Why Infini?


Fillers or injectables are increasingly being used to correct wrinkles and to give the face a young appearance. Fillers contain Hyaluronic acid that naturally is present in our bodies. As a human being ages, the amount of Hyaluronic acid in the human body will decrease. The fillers enable the natural appearance of the face to be restored.

In the Prins Hendrik Clinic we are using only non permanent fillers. The treatment is known for it’s safety and does not evoke allergic reactions. These fillers will give a natural result.

The fillers will be used where volume has disappeared due to ageing. Common areas for this treatment are nose-lip lines, corners of the mouth,tear throughs and cheeks and cheek bones. But fillers will also be used in case more volume is necessary like lips.

Possible filler treatments are:

To avoid complications we will always ask about any health issues and or problems We will always take a picture of the before situation so a good evaluation of the treatrment can be made. The effect of the fillers is visible shortly after the treatment. The redness due to the injections will disappear shortly after the first hour, bleeding is very rare. After leaving our clinic the first results are already apparent. The effect of the filler will be visible for about 6-12 months. If you have any questions about our filler treatment in Amsterdam please contact us.

After 2 to 3 weeks you are invited to come for a control. Small corrections can be done then, if necessary, without additional costs.

Nose lip folds€ from 400,-
Lifting the corners of the mouth€ from 200,-
Liquid Face Lift€ from 900,-
Cheek implant€ from 600,-
Chin implant€ from 600,-
Wrinkles cheeks€ from 200,-
Jaw line€ from 600,-
Skin boost program (3 treatments)€ from 375,-
Hand rejuvenation€ 250,- (€500)
Circles under eyes€ 500,-
Tear troughs€ 250,- (€300)

Procedures done by Frank Buccafurno

fillers lips before
Lips Before
Fillers cheek before
Cheek Before
Fillers chin before
Chin Before
Fillers Wrinkles Before
Wrinkles Before
Nasolabials Before
Nasolabials Before
Tear Trough Before
Tear Trough Before
Tear Trough Before
Tear Trough Before
Tear Trough Before
Tear Trough Before
Hand Before
Hand Before
Lips Before
Lips Before
fillers lips after
Lips After
Fillers cheek after
Cheek After
Fillers chin after
Chin After
Fillers Wrinkles After
Wrinkles After
Nasolabials After
Nasolabials After
Tear Trough After
Tear Trough After
Tear Trough After
Tear Trough After
Tear Trough After
Tear Trough After
Hand After
Hand After
Lips After
Lips After