- the latest skin remodelling treatment

- delivers results in just 2 sessions, 4 weeks apart.



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+ A liquid facelift;

+ Plus nose mouth wrinkle with hyaluronic acid;

+ Plus marionette lines, with hyaluronic acid.

+ Plus 3 regions Botox.
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Before the treatment...
...and after!
Consult € 30. If you decide to proceed the 
treatment, then this amount is deducted
from the price of treatment.
After 4 treatments
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization
+ Clinically proven; Thousands procedures performed worldwide

Why Infini?

Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift a better alternative to surgery

If you look in the mirror and wish that you looked like you did 10 years ago, if you are afraid to do anything too invasive, like surgery and general anaesthesia, a Liquid Facelift, might be the thing for you. A facelift without cuts, without surgery.

With little or no local anaesthetic cream and the filler, your cheekbones become more prominent, your jawline becomes straighter and more defined. The deep troughs from your nose to the corners of your mouth are not so deep anymore and your cheeks become tighter. The Botox/Dysport part of the procedure is for the Frown, Crows Feet and Forehead wrinkles, to help make them disappear.

The filler is hyaluronic acid, which you have in your body and is biodegradable. Botox/Dysport is used to paralyse the muscles that are causing wrinkles to form. The procedure is temporary and lasts about one year. The fillers that we use are products from Juvederm and Teoxane, companies that have been on the market for 15 years. They have proven their quality with good results, worldwide.

The treatment steps

Our Liquid Facelift is done in two sessions, two weeks apart. We feel that this is better for the success of our procedure. One of the reasons for this is that it takes two weeks for the Botox to have full effect and then, you can see the filler result and the Botox/Dysport result together, to see the complete effect. We can then augment the filler procedure, if necessary and/or augment the Botox procedure, if possible and necessary. This gives the client a more complete result.

The procedure typically takes 20-30 minutes. We book a second treatment in 14 days as a control. This is to adjust the previous treatment so that all are looking as planned. This control is free.

As a result, you will look younger and more confident in your appearance.

If you want to achieve a natural and younger look, make an online appointment and let us have a consultation with you to discuss the possibilities for your Liquid Facelift. If you still have questions about the procedure, you can always contact us for more information and advice.

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift Before

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift After

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift Before

Liquid Facelift Amsterdam

Liquid Facelift After

Procedures done by Frank Buccafurno